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  1. Overnight stay

    Maastricht is surprising, romantic and adventurous. A Bed & Breakfast or a 15th century convent, where do you prefer to spend the night? Read more
  2. Culinary

    A healthy lunch or an exclusive dinner? Maastricht has a lot of culinary surprises tot offer, book your table now! Read more
  3. Fashion & Lifestyle

    From designing hats to roasting coffee. There are so many things to do during a Midweekend Maastricht! Read more
  4. Culture & History

    There's culture, art and history on every corner of the Maastricht streets. Let them surprise you! Read more
  5. Maastricht on a weekday

    So many different activities on a weekday in Maastricht. Recurring activities during the whole year, check them out here! Read more

Enjoy Maastricht to the fullest!

From Sunday to Thursday, everything‘s just that little bit different in Maastricht. It’s quieter and less crowded, but still with plenty of things to do. Combined with a special offer we’ve put together for you, we can turn your weekday stay in Maastricht into an unforgettable experience. So book your Maastricht Midweekend and come discover all Maastricht has to offer.

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